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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much does assisted living cost per month?

The cost of assisted living is based on the residents' needs and services, all of which is discussed and determined during a proper assessment of each potential resident.  Cedars Assisted Living also offers the option of a shared or private room.

2.  What is typically included in the monthly fee?

Whether a resident is in a shared room or their own private room, basic cable, utilities such as heating, air, water, and electricity are included.  Also included in the monthly fee are three meals a day, maintenance, housekeeping and laundry.   Planned daily activities, and transportation within a ten-mile radius of Cedars are also available for residents convenience. 

3.  What is NOT included in the monthly fee?

Not included in the monthly fees would be items such as guest meals, visits to the beauty salon, physical therapy, transportation outside the ten-mile radius, any care higher than Level One, free internet access in rooms, and medication management.  Personal grooming supplies and any type of apparel are provided at the residents own expense.   

4.  Is the monthly fee a set rate or does it change?

Each residents monthly rate varies depending on their personal needs and requirements.  If a residents needs and requirements change, monthly rates will vary.  

5.  Why do costs vary between communities and companies?

There are many different communities and companies, therefore, what each provides and what each costs will also vary.  At Cedars Assisted Living, we provide the basic needs for each resident to feel at home and feel comfortable, any additional costs would be discussed and explained prior to move in.

6.  What upfront fees should we expect?

You may be subject to a community fee of up to $1000.00.  The community fee covers the costs of the residents assessment, care and service plan, preparing all paperwork for contracts and charts, and preparation of the room.

7.  Are pets allowed?

Yes, we do allow pets at Cedars Assisted Living under certain guidelines.  There is a one-time pet fee of $500.00 that must be received prior to move-in.  Pets are not allowed if the resident is moving into a shared room, or if the resident is unable to care for the pet on their own.  If it appears that the pet is not a proper fit, as in being too large in size or if they are aggressive, we have the authority to withhold their access into the community.

8.  What is your smoking policy?

Here at Cedars Assisted Living, we provide a designated smoking area located in the back patio gazebo. Smoking is strictly prohibited in resident rooms, inside the building, and any outdoor area other than the designated smoking area.  

9.  How much say do you have in choosing where you live?  How large is the living unit?  Can the unit be changed or redecorated?

We want each resident to feel as comfortable as we can.  Cedars Assisted Living is where they have chosen to call home, therefore residents may choose what room they wish to move into as long as that room is available.  We offer shared or private rooms, as well as rooms varying in size.  Alterations and rearranging an individual's room is allowed.  But if such alterations or changes to the room have caused damage or items need to be fixed or replaced, the resident may be subject to a charge. 

10.  Can I own a car at Cedars Assisted Living?

You may own a car while living at Cedars Assisted Living.  There is no additional charge, but we do ask that the resident or family provide the registration and insurance information for the vehicle, as well as a copy of the residents drivers license.  The resident can park the vehicle in the gated back parking lot, or along the side of the building.  The resident must be legally able to drive their vehicle and have a valid license if they plan on transporting themselves.

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