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About Us

Our Mission 

Cedars Assisted Living, Inc. is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive and enriching environment for seniors.  It is our desire to provide the very best quality of life possible for our residents. 


Our Philosophy

We, the residents, staff and volunteers of the Community:

Acknowledge the right of every human being to be shown dignity and respect, to be secure and to have the opportunities for personal fullfillment;

Accept our obligation to provide for physical, emotional, social and spiritual comfort of our residents;

Accept our responsibility to be diligent and innovative in the wise use of all resources;

Believe ethical standards and practices are essential in earning and maintaining the trust of our residents and employees;

Believe that our multi-denominational spiritual heritage leads us to provide a community for all, regardless of religious preference or other individual differences;

Embrace our responsibilities as conscientious citizens to be involved in and contribute to the broader community;

Seek to be a positive example in the delivery of assisted living care.

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